Welcome to Maker Faire Trondheim

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Welcome to Maker Faire Trondheim

Trondheim Maker Faire

This post is coming to you live from Maker Faire Trondheim being held in the town square here in Trondheim, Norway.

Welcome to Trondheim
Welcome to Trondheim Maker Faire

The Maker Faire kicked off this morning here in the town square in the centre of Trondheim, Norway, with over 100 projects on display.

This is the second year for the Trondheim faire, and with children from 20 to 30 local schools coming today from schools all around Trondheim, in addition to the normal visitors you might expect on a Friday morning, it’s going to be a busy day.

Last year’s faire attracted over 10,000 visitors, and despite the heavy rain causing electrical problems, this year’s faire is expected to draw in similar numbers.

Building on last year’s bus stop hack the faire has taken over the huge, building sized, screens on all four sides of the Rockheim Museum — the city’s museum of rock music — and installed the classic Atari game of Pong, the first computer game ever invented, onto the huge screens. Although not, as Frode pointed out, without problems.

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The Trondheim Maker Faire is being held in the in the Trondheim town square on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of August — between 10am and 4pm and is free to attend. There will also be seminars, lectures, and other smaller events at other locations throughout the city.

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