What Do You Make? Videos Needed.

What Do You Make? Videos Needed.


Have you made something cool in the past month or two? Get your video camera out and make a video showing how you made it and how it works, upload it to the internet at blip.tv as an avi, mp4, or mov file and then shoot me an email or drop a url in the comments.

Alternately, if you see a video that isn’t yours, but that you think should be featured, drop a note in the comments as well so I can check it out!

I’ll choose a bunch of them for this month’s “What Do You Make?” podcast that’ll go up this Friday.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Make? Videos Needed.

  1. frederic.gmeiner says:

    i just finished the documentation of my table recorder project. have a look at:

    there you’ll also find different videos describing the project.



  2. Bre says:

    Thanks Fregment, I’m going to go check this out!

  3. shmagoogin77 says:

    this is my PTV
    it is a portable cable television that can be used around the house
    right now i am in the process of making another one for my friend which will be much neater and i will take some pictures and video of that when its done
    hope you like it

  4. sloober says:

    Here is a video of how I cut silver coins into charms.


  5. evanatorx says:


    (i emailed it, this is J.I.C.)


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