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Your Comments


And we’re back with our thirty-second installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Introducing the Gooseberry Board, Jim says:

This looks great. Been put off by the pi’s pretty slow processor, this is a bit beefier. Perfect for media player.

In the piece NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Quadcopter Art – Suspicion of Terrorism?, Leon remarks:

I travel frequently with carry-on and checked luggage full of electronics, tools, wires and cables, as required for my job, and have only had issues in one case when leaving Japan – China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong are my normal destinations.

I’ve had one funny encounter where the check-in staff saw what was inside my bag, and flatout declared that I could not take those items on-board. I laughed, told him to get the person in-charge of luggage checks, who took a quick glance and declared it to be “no problem at all”. The only other time I’ve even had someone interested was one time after going through the security checks, where they asked me to open my carry on so they could see as the X-ray was quite a mess. One quick glance was enough to confirm that yes – there was quite a bit in there, but no – it fairly obviously wasn’t a bomb or anything threatening.

Stopping, questioning, and labelling people as terrorists for simply having electronics is unreasonable and rather ludicrous. Only in Hollywood do bombs have a ridiculous amount of electronics.

In response to How Ceramic Knives are Resharpened at the Factory, user Kieran says:

When sharpening with a machine you’ll remove a fair amount of material so matching the edge angle perfectly isn’t a big deal, and it also doesn’t make as much difference in food prep.

When you sharpen probably hundreds of knives day after day you get pretty consistent. It looks like he’s holding the blade completely flat so he just has to keep the edge at the top of the wheel to keep the angle the same.

As for jewellery, a ring isn’t going to pose much of a safety risk.

In the piece Homemade Satellites are Just Around the Corner, Jonny says:

Absolutely amazing! Thank you. I had thought for a while now about mini fighters, space station’s, ships, and moon bases etc in space controlled by virtual reality gear on earth so you feel like your actually there with the rest of your fellow space travellers… Expensive habit, years away and a little bit farfetched I know, but this post is the first one I have seen about an open source opportunity to work together and build a satellite! This will link on to other things as our knowledge will grow and more people will know about it. Long live open source!
Maybe there are other open source projects out there but the Internet is so big it is difficult to find, for me anyway. I hope that people read this and can be inspired at how far we can actually go to achieving what we only dreamed of using our ideas to integrate the technologies of today into other new ideas. The list is endless..that’s why it’s so exciting!
Iso in my lifetime I see us doing amazing things with technology. Especially with people from everywhere chipping in to make it all happen.
So there you go…step by step this satellite will go forward and hopefully become something epic baby. Also, I don’t know how much I can assist on this but I am learning all the time and will follow and try and understand everything as it comes my way.
Ugh…nuff said!

In the article Did Somebody Say Suzuki SXbox 360?, user Erik Scott writes:

You know… when the airbag goes off, someone is going to be eating a 200+ mph game controller. Just sayin’.

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