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Your Comments


And we’re back with our forty-second installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Maker Faire New York: Lego Pancake Bot Interview, lrwickerdesign says:

I love this, except now I really want a pancake.

In the piece How To Turn Your Car’s Ashtray Into a Smartphone Dock, Mirko Allesandria remarks:

First rule about how to turn your car’s ashtray into a Smartphone Dock: You do not talk about how to turn your car’s ashtray into a Smartphone Dock!

In response to Tracking Solar Brightness with a Homemade Sun Logger, user ameyring says:

I coordinate garden activities for my son’s school and this will be a great project for kids to study sunlight patterns. Even if someone outside the school has to build the device (hard to tell if the teachers can work the construction into the students’ schedule), the students will get something out of studying the data. Can’t wait!

In the piece Boston Dynamic’s Cheetah Robot Can Now Outrun Usain Bolt, Bashtarle says:

Interesting and it has potential just not really impressive.

I realize that this is only a very small step towards a larger goal……. but at this stage it’s about as impressive as it is unimpressive. Once they get to the point where this thing can move at 28+ MPH in a dynamic environment I’ll be officially 100% impressed. Until then we have something that can move much faster on a predefined flat surface and its called a wheel.

I do look forward to some future date when I can go to a museum and look at something like this and thing “Wow, this was the progenitor of (insert robotics standard)”.

In the article Hacking Vector Displays, user Robert writes:

This brings back fond memories of using a DAC board in a HP 2114B to draw tie-fighters on my dad’s oscilloscope as a kid — because all the cool computers had video screens, but we were stuck with just a teletype. That clock rocks!

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