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And we’re back with our forty-third installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to The Rockwell International Integrated Space Plan, davidabarak says:

When I was a kid, I lived a few miles from the Rockwell plant in Downey, California. About once a month or so, they’d have a surplus sale, so I’d head down with my friends to look for cool junk.

One day, I saw a filing cabinet and opened it up. Inside was a VERY long, maybe 12 feet, blueprint of a manned orbiter. I can’t remember exactly what it was called, but I do remember “orbiter” was part of the name. It was vaguely airplane-shaped, but too small relative to the included human figures to be the space shuttle.

I asked the guy overseeing the sale if it was for sale. He said if it was in the file cabinet it was for sale. I think I got it for 50 cents or so. I eventually sold it on eBay a few years ago. I think I got maybe $15.

In the piece Pipe Organ and ATM Mashup, OneSprague remarks:

Decode the PIN? Heck, with all that noise – sneak up and hit them on the head. They will never hear you coming. Neat project. It would be even better if it played In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!

In response to Raspberry Pi and Lego Supercomputing Cluster, user Todd Perry says:

Great project…. Of course, I’m mainly amazed they could GET 64 Pi’s!

In the piece Tool Review: The Easydriver, Keith Stanley says:

I purchased an Easydriver against the wishes of my new wife. She thought that I was buying a “fancy gimmick” and it would just be a waste of money, not a proper tool. I used that tool every day for the next 3 years whilst I repaired electric motors for a living. I bought it over 30 years ago and it is STILL working to this day. My only regret is that the plastic domed case that it came in got crushed and now it is just in my tool box loose. Would I buy one again? YES!!!!!

In the article Fisher-Price Flashback: How to 3D Print Plastic Records, user Natalie, the ChickenBlogger writes:

Okay: Now, I’m excited.
We have a player, and some records… but new tunes, we print ourselves?!
This is Maketastic!

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