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Your Comments


And we’re back with our forty-fourth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Makerbot’s Mixed Message About Open Source, their Future, Tom says:

This whole thing confuses me.

Is the Makerbot a derived work of RepRap. and both were open source? Both hardware and software?

Are the only portions that are going closed source those portions of the hardware and software that have been developed in-house now going to be closed source?

If that is the case I could support that. Having a percentage of the product open with some proprietary portions.

But if you are saying now that you (as an entity) are the creators of the total project (due to some patent on an open source project – slick Apple tactics) and not using any contributions from the community that helped get it to the stage it is at currently… then that is just wrong, That I find it hard to support..

At a minimum track down ALL those who have contributed to the open source of this project and give them credit for their contributions.

In the piece MAKE Asks: Worst Projects, OneSprague remarks:

I once tried to make Casein paint out of big surplus of milk. I let the milk curdle and then put it into big gunny sack bags and hung it from a shed roof to dry. Only problem, it didn’t dry, but turned into bags of the things that eventually turn into fly’s. I had to eventually admit defeat, dig a hole and deal with the overwhelming smell while I buried it. Lesson learned, paint is not that expensive at the hardware store after all.

In response to Tool Review: OpenX Dual-Blade Package Opener, user ednspace says:

I have a few of these lying around the house, or at least a cheap knock off of it. I think the manufacturers must have a sense of humor, since they package the tool in one of those same impenetrable blister packages that it’s designed for opening.

In the piece Turning Ordinary Objects into Dubstep Loops, chuck says:

That’s exactly the kind of thing I come here hoping to see. As RPM = BPM in this instance it would be cool if it could be synced to an external clock or another similar unit. Incorporating DIY 3D printing skills to create custom objects to scan would be cool. You could design rythmic sculpture on a rotating pedestal with multiple lasers controlling multiple voices.

In the article Ruler Tattoo for Handy Measuring, user ColeComan1982 writes:

In addition to the things everyone else here has said, if you get a ruler tattoo in that location never gain/loose a significant amount of weight and never take up weightlifting. Adding/losing a significant amount of fat/muscle will probably expand the spacing between the marks making them inaccurate. As someone who works in a metrology department, I can attest to the fact that eric anderson is right. Calibrating such a rule after the fact would require severe effort.

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