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Your Comments


And we’re back with our forty-eighth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Scary Cool Halloween Props, Andrew says:

Great idea lol! Find old dolls cut their heads, put them in a plastic bag, hang them outside, WIN!

In the piece How-To: Connect with Nature as You Type, scottassoc remarks:

I love it! We have a woods on the other side of our parking lot. Now all we need is a tree house…

Twitter user Consumer Eyes read the article Tools for the Modern Stone-Age Family, and says:

Perfect when you’re hunting down food for your paleo diet!

In the piece Tiny Yellow House Tours the Surf Shack Container House (Plus a Giveaway!), Tom says:

I have lived in many ‘tiny houses’ during the past 16 years. First in a 1966 converted school bus, then in a 100 year old house in Ireland and now in a 41 year old Airstream trailer. All measured out at 200 square feet! That is all the space I need as I live alone. Got rid of all that stuff I had been accumulating for the past umpteen years! Good riddance. Like the container house in the video; its also portable….

In the article Happy Lady Ada Day!, Facebook user Rob Kern writes:

A shout-out to my 7yo daughter, Emily. Recently, our microwave died. Once I determined that we would replace it rather than repair, her response was “Can we take apart the old one?” When we got the fan out, she immediately wanted to save it to build a hovercraft. She has previously helped me strip down old printers and a Keurig coffee maker. She has her own set of tools that occupy a position of honor among her favorite dolls and is always the first (often only) child to ask if she can help on a project. And she never lets us forget that she is all girl!

In the article Tool Review: Engineer PH-55 Scissors GT, user k4gdw writes:

With the sheath on it looks like some form of Klingon hand-to-hand weapon.

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