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When we post new content on MAKE, we love hearing from our readers. Whether the comments be informative, insightful, or funny, here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, Google+ Community, and Twitter.

In the article Got Livestock? Feed them Hydroponically Homegrown Barely Sprouts, OrkneyOctopus commented:

A friend of a friend feeds this sort of thing to his dairy cows. In order to produce well, dairy cattle typically need good quality hay. With a small building and growing system devoted to sprouting grain, he’s able to run a successful raw milk dairy feeding week-old sprouts and lousy pasture grass hay.

In the piece Github Now Supports STL File Viewing, aloon remarks:

github will eat Thingiverse

On MAKE’s Facebook page, we asked, “Happy Monday! Make anything cool this weekend?” Pete Prodoehl responded with:

Over at Milwaukee Makerspace we finished up one The PowerWheel Racing Series car which we’ll have at Minne-Faire – A Maker and DIY Exposition this weekend… and then we started on a second one. :)

On MAKE’s Google+ Community, we saw a post on this cool Arduino project:

I wrote some code to calculate the angle position of a 2-axis joystick. Had no real application for it so I figured I would put together a quick little follow the angle game with a LCD display and buzzer. All controlled through an Arduino Micro.

The bill of materials and full sketch can be found at the link below…
joystick angle game | curtisswartley

In the article DIY Surgery, Michelle responded with:

While I think it is a terrible idea for someone to try this themselves but I feel I should note that many hospitals are using super glue (or a more medical alternative) instead of stitches in many places. I got my appendix out later last year and they used super glue to seal me up instead of stitches. told me it would heal faster since the stitch wounds would not need healing. It also acted in place of bandages to keep the wounds clean. It stayed on for weeks even though I showered.

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