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From ultra-low noise AC power cables to a frequency-calibrated jar of stones, it’s pretty amazing what can be sold in the pursuit of better sound. As it turns out, most of these subtle yet pricey upgrades/enhancements are nothing more than placebo – and hearing is a very subjective thing.

Originally presented as part of a panel discussion at the 2009 AES show in NYC, Ethan Winer posted this in-depth video exposing a number of myths and misconceptions in the world of high-end audio. Example audio referred to in the presentation is available for your listening scrutiny on Ethan’s site. [via Waveformless]

6 thoughts on “Audio myths dispelled

  1. Steve Cooley says:

    by far.

    1. Collin Cunningham says:

      “in-depth” is somewhat of an understatement.

  2. capt.tagon says:

    was what went through my mind as someone was trying to tell me how these two 4×6 Lavender colored anodized aluminum plates were supposed to ionize the air near the speaker for tremendously better sound. I don’t think they appreciated my ensuing laughter when I found out what they paid either…

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