Eavesdrop on cockroach neurons with the SpikerBox


Itching to do some homegrown neurophysiology, but don’t have access to the expensive equipment required to perform your experiments? Well, the folks at Backyard Brains might have something for you. They have created the SpikerBox, a $100 device that allows you to listen to and record the neural activity, or “spikes”, in insect legs.

It looks like a pretty neat device, and a great project to work on. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too difficult to build your own, though- any DIY neurophysiologists out there have some pointers?

4 thoughts on “Eavesdrop on cockroach neurons with the SpikerBox

  1. Brick Moon says:

    Any mad scientist DJ out there want to try using the setup with a roach leg used as a record needle? May get some interesting “grunge” effects. Yes, I scare myself sometimes.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Yeah! Go for it! You might be able to duplicate the setup using standard audio gear and some pins- it seems like you don’t need too much amplification with the right kind of roach. That would make for one creepy sound system.

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