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The onslaught of DIY iPhone stands continues. This time around we find ourselves in a cafe with a warm beverage and the need to watch BMX stunt videos. Luckily we remembered to bring along our nice utility scissors and the Barista was kind enough to include a cup sleeve with the drink. The overall execution and reuse of recyclables on this project should gain high marks for those keeping score at home.

6 thoughts on “Coffee sleeve iPhone stand

  1. BPotash says:

    This was a great tip. I used one from an intelligentsia coffee sleeve and it worked perfectly.

  2. Mike S says:

    I like the MobileRiser that I bought at It actually attaches to the iPhone and stands it up. Low profile so you can’t tell it’s there. I would prefer to have something that you don’t have to carry along with you.

  3. Casey says:

    I’m super happy with my backlip case. I just purchased it online at The kickstand is attached to the back of the soft case. It stands your iPhone both vertically and horizontally and folds away flat to slip in your pocket!

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