DIY forklift

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DIY forklift


From the MAKE Flickr pool:
Member Simple Simon shares more of his vehicular adventures:

How to get a cast oven stove upstairs. (Driving the truck up to line up with the stove was a challenge due to the ski tips) I don’t remember what pulled the ladder up but probably the fan belt since the grille seems to be removed.

DIY forklift on Flickr –Link

Make 735
Human powered forklift – Link

6 thoughts on “DIY forklift

  1. Dirkus says:

    What, another post about Red Gre…. wait a second. This is for real? WOW. I’m not sure whether I should be scared, amused, or impressed with this one. I think I’ll just go for a combo of the three and kinda stare at the picture in wonderment for a second.

  2. Nick says:

    No counterweight on the back. Better not get off the thing with weight on the forks…

  3. PorHeron says:

    MAKE: please do some research, its a shot from the RED GREEN SHOW – handyman corner. Steve smith (aka Red Green) is in this picture on the left, there is a ton of duct tape being used and its a silly idea. all hallmarks of a classic red green skit. but there is no way this is real, most of these segments are faked for comedic effect. Its still cool but please, MAKEZINE: GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. ITS NOT REAL.

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