Electric trike is better than your hybrid

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This “Electric Trike” is a pretty cool ride that maintains its low rider status. Powered from two 12 volt, 32 amp batteries and a 75amp, 24 volt speed controller made in England, it gets pretty good speed even with someone strapped in for a ride. Check out the video to see it in action and the link below for some details on its construction.

Electric Trike via Hacked Gadgets

2 thoughts on “Electric trike is better than your hybrid

  1. Ed says:

    Wow, a trike with no suspension, one seat, tiny little tires, no weather protection at all,no cargo capacity to speak of and unusable on anything but local surface streets, built out of BMX bike parts. Cute toy? Sure. Better than a pedal bicycle? Probably.

    Better than a hybrid car? I think not.

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