Home in a garbage truck

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Home in a garbage truck

This guy converted a garbage truck into a mobile home. I love the storage drawers, which have cut-outs in them for all of the kitchen tools and dinnerware so that it doesn’t knock about when the house is in motion. [via Steven Robert’s Facebook page]

Update: As several people have pointed out in comments, this is NOT a converted garbage truck, but an actual camper/mobile home called the TerraCross. Snopes even has a page on it. Regardless of what it’s called, or how it was made, I still think the cut-out drawers, the original inspiration for posting it, are cool. But otherwise, sorry for the hoodwink.

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20 thoughts on “Home in a garbage truck

  1. ivo says:

    Unicat MAN TGA 6×6
    List price: 841.348 Euro

    1. falnfenix says:

      yep, as ivo mentioned, this isn’t a garbage truck.

      Snopes even covered it.

  2. munchable says:

    Window mismatch 0x00000000

    System fail.

  3. GadgetGav says:

    As others have said, it’s a custom made expedition truck and it’s been on Snopes since 2006. Is there not even a basic attempt at fact checking before these posts go up?

    From the Stacks & Stacks link “This place is a converted garbage truck, if you can believe that one!” Well, no we can’t believe that one BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE.

  4. erikscott says:

    Other housetruck links, and these are all homemade: http://www.mrsharkey.com/ and http://www.wrybread.com/WryRoad/liveins/ . The latter one has a few gigs of useless scribble because comments have been open for close to a decade. But these are pretty good examples of the Maker Ethic at work in mobile live-in vehicles. And if you can find one, see Jane Lidz’s “Rolling Homes”. If your library has it, it may be in the reserve room because it’s worth a small fortune now.


  5. Jake says:

    Since it was custom made (and not a garbage truck), the concept is somehow less impressive? Sure, you can’t laud the vision and execution as much, but it’s still pretty cool. Besides, garbage truck or not, it may be a source of inspiration to someone.

    I think we all need to reduce our snarkiness in the new year, not just on this site but in our everyday lives…

  6. Maha says:

    Even if it’s fake, it still looks pretty good! Though that computer chair looks like a torture device of some sort… in the 3rd picture.

  7. Eva Wallace says:

    but thanks for the defense, Jake – and for picking up my posting in the first place, Gareth! It’s still really cool!

  8. Rowan says:

    This looks cool, but I have a gripe with the design of the camper. In the fourth picture it looks like the drawer is for food storage containers. If so, under the oven is the WORST location for it. It should at least be switched with the pots and pan drawer.

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