Homemade oil lamp from Judy of the Woods

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Homemade oil lamp from Judy of the Woods


Here’s a great idea for a homemade vegetable oil lamp from Judy on the MAKE Flickr Pool. Check Judy’s site for detailed instructions.
In fact Judy has a ton of amazing Off-the-Grid how-to’s on her site like – Cold Vacuum Jar Sealing, Hydraulic Ram Pump, and Foraging for Wild Food just to name a few. One other particularly intriguing highlight was this sketch of a “Methane Powered Hypocaust”:


Great stuff – Thanks for sharing Judy!

Judy of the Woods – Link
Vegetable Oil Lamp on Flickr – Link
Methane Powered Hypocaust – Link

Lamp from Lightbulb

Lamp from Lightbulb – Link

MAKE: Blog Green Archives – Link

6 thoughts on “Homemade oil lamp from Judy of the Woods

  1. khoa says:

    LOL, “methane powered personal holocaust”

  2. Walking funny says:

    I’m curious as to the attachment of the “methane conductor”…haha

  3. judyofthewoods says:

    Didn’t quite think through the details, was a rather ‘tongue in cheek’ drawing – or should that be ‘hose in….’

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