HOW TO – Make a simple fly trap

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HOW TO – Make a simple fly trap

Here’s an Instructable on how to make an old school fly trap from a 2 liter bottle and a leftover food container.

Fly Trap – Link

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  1. garyfixler says:

    I made an inverted version of this when I was having a really bad nat problem about a year ago. It was suggested to me by a friend. I took a 20oz. Diet Coke bottle, cut the bottle in half just above the label, before it starts curving in toward the cap. Then I took off the cap, flipped the cone upside down, stuck it back in the bottle, and electrical taped around the top.

    Then I poured in about 1″-2″ of beer, and put in the affected area. I wiped the funnel, because just the drops of beer there were enough to feed the gnats for days, and I wanted them to have to go inside. You can pour the beer in before taping in the cone to skip that step.

    A few gnats would occasionally fly to the middle, and work their way back out, but they pretty much all ended up back in there, like the drunkards they are. I liked how simple the concept, and build were. I made a 2-liter version later for another affected area. You’d think I was leaving food out, but the place was clean. I don’t know why I had so many gnats suddenly, in 2 different rooms, but this method captured several hundred.

  2. hppyfngy says:

    Try this. Take a wine glass, (or whatever glass,) and put a bit of wine, beer, juice, anything sugary in the bottom. (I think wine works best, as the little buggers die.) Cover with cellophane and poke a small hole in the cellophane with a pencil. Place in the affected area.

    Gnats will go in and they won’t come out. Simple yet effective.

  3. timo says:

    I find that a glass bowl or cup filled with fermenting yeast (yeast in warm water with sugar -as used in making bread) works well too.

  4. Logan says:

    Thanks guys!

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