Incredible tire sculptures

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Incredible tire sculptures

So often creative-reuse and found-object art has a “junky” quality that’s hard to escape because…well, you know, it’s basically made from junk. I always applaud the effort to turn trash into treasure, but it’s rarely done so well as in the case of these amazing sculptures from reclaimed tires. That the material is such an egregious disposal problem only makes them that much more awesometastic. Via Dude Craft.

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  1. elizahleigh says:

    I’m a member of a green social network called Greenwala and am always on the lookout for inventive repurposing ideas to share with my fellow greenies. Though I’ve seen many unique project ideas and creations, these tire sculptures go above and beyond what I have seen elsewhere in the cyber-universe. I am posting a link to this article on because I know that this will inspire so many members in my community to continue thinking outside of the box. This is one of the most brilliant examples I have stumbled upon that proves that one man’s trash truly can be another man’s treasure. If anyone encounters other inspired repurposing ideas like this, please join and post them for all to see. I’d really appreciate it!!

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