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Most annoying floor ever made of robot tiles

Energy & Sustainability Robotics

Hiroo Iwata, of the University of Tsukuba, created these robotic floor tiles that automatically arrange themselves to build a floor beneath you. By utilizing a touch sensitive surface, the tiles are able to predict which direction a user is headed. This information is then used to automatically rearrange the tiles so that the lucky user can continue to walk in that direction without moving forward in real space.

He intends for these to be used in virtual world simulations, however I think a more practical use would be to modify the distance between different destinations in your house. For example, a set of these in the hallway leading toward the kitchen might make one rethink how hungry they really are.

I absolutely love the concept, though. Can I get a set made up to look like turtles? [via technabob]

16 thoughts on “Most annoying floor ever made of robot tiles

  1. Patrik Martin says:

    Please make the lava-proof, or hovering!

  2. wonder-wheeler says:

    The missing component of the star trek next generation holodeck.

  3. Chanuka Bukadu says:

    “Can I get a set made up to look like turtles?”

    What’s going to hold up the turtles?

    1. Matt Mets says:

      You could add more turtles!

  4. Big Daddy Dave says:

    Having them make you tread in place is ok, but I’d much rather ride one around the house.

  5. Fenwick says:

    I second the turtles idea.

  6. rubaiyat says:

    I sense a live action mario game coming on. Mario ARG? Augmented Mario?

  7. roseainsworth says:

    It seems more like an animated movie here as but if this could happen the next generation tiles with come to very popular.

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