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Steelhorserider76 writes –

This is a road in Lancaster Ca. that makes music when you drive over it. It was created for a commercial and they designed harmonics in the asphalt to create the music when driven over. Apparently other countries have been doing it for awhile. Unfortunately people complianed and it is being removed. Their probably the same ones who complain about the jets flying through the valley. lol

8 thoughts on “Musical road

  1. clvrmnky says:

    Neat, but annoying to anyone who has to spend any time near that part of the road. The sound carries a /long/ way, so even distant houses can be affected.

    There are similar problems with those rumble strips everywhere. Use them too much and you get a dual problem of people complaining because of the noise and drivers get used to them and forget that they remind you of an upcoming intersection.

  2. m says:

    Yeah, I just saw a report about this on the news last night after hearing about it from some relatives who live near the road in question. Apparently a lot of the people who live near the road are pissed off by how loud and annoying it is.

  3. sweavo says:

    Shame about the melody!

    Here’s the Japanese one

    Also it’s a pretty nasty waveform that the asphalt and tyres make. It’s cool to know this can be done but I can see why there are complaints… and how it could be dangerous for unwary drivers.

  4. zof says:

    Commercial was for Honda, I live not but about 10 miles from it. The problem wasn’t so much the noise of the road but the fact the local news paper advertised it and there has been a relentless flow of cars to it now. Honda and the city of Lancaster should have planned better and not placed the road right next to a sub division. Hell there are plenty of roads out here that no one even closely lives next to. And in all reality its not that big of a noise factor its just a different noise, given enough time the people would no longer hear it, just like people that live next to a freeway no hear those sounds after getting use to it.

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