Rail Runner – make a cart that runs on train tracks

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Rail Runner – make a cart that runs on train tracks

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Here’s an interest site that sells rail runner & rail runner parts for pedaling around on train tracks… via NOTCOT.

It’s a family affair, take the whole family out, or use it for inspecting and repairing your railroad. It’s recumbent, peddles much easier then a regular street bike, comfortable big seats with high backs, 6 feet long. Two seats or a carrying deck and two more seats on the back. Being only 140 pounds it’s light to turn, can be taken around damaged track by only one person…

10 thoughts on “Rail Runner – make a cart that runs on train tracks

  1. RocketGuy says:

    Not to be a wet blanket, I love this idea, but lots of rail bikers have been killed by trains because they didn’t do their research. Just be sensible and really find out what’s ok. Some parks have sprung up where people can rail ride safely. It’s truly amazing, but trains actually can sneak up on you and kill you before you can jump off. You’d think they’d be hard to miss, but a blind curve or a bridge, and you’re likely screwed.

    I’d really like to see a bike/cart only railroad network, criss crossing everywhere. Wouldn’t that be a cool touring vacation? Maybe use a different gauge for safety.

  2. toyotaboy says:

    You will never see a bike specific railroad network merely from a cost perspective (have you ever seen how long it takes to just replace a railroad tie support?).. However, if we could bring trains into the 21st century and GPS tag all of them, and make that information publicly accessible (not a specific train, but just that there is a train), then everyone could ride on them safely.

  3. Russell Nelson says:

    I’ve not heard of ANY rail bikers being killed. Regardless of that, trains kill professional railroaders as well as J. Randoms. They’re DANGEROUS. Stay away from them. Any train, any track, any time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The idea of having a rail-bike/cart/speeder/handcar/etc only system is not out of the question. The structural demands are much less that of rail lines; much more like that of park trains. The only restrictions now are imposed by the roading network’s legislation. Roads can not be crossed by any rail line(even under or over) without near impossible engineering, inspections and permits. Funny that bicycles and pedestrians have better access. I would suggest some gauge not used anywhere in the Americas 3’6″ or 2’6″ (oops, there is a 42″ line at some California quarry and 30″ has been used both in mining and park trains), so maybe 2′ 4.25″ (half standard gauge). If anyone is interested, we should form a group to explore/promote. BTW, PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) is having a hard time selling something like this using over head track/monorail/cables.

  5. Anthony says:

    Hello, I was just wondering, where would I be able to use my railrider? I’ve been lookking for some railroad tracks that are unused but just can’t seem to find any, should I just use them on regular railroad tracks? And I know, I’ll be completely carfeul if I must.

  6. anson says:

    are there any tracks open for public use by railriders in calif..i know of a few tracks in my area .that havent been used by the rr for years is it legle to railride them

  7. Ed says:

    Where could a guy find plans or parts to make a rail cart? Maybe even a built one that no uses anymore? We have tracks near here that dont get used that is the only way(other than boat) to get to some of the best stealhead fishing in this area. We usually have to hike in and hiking on tracks is no fun. Any info would be great. Thanks

  8. Russ Nelson says:

    Ed, you can just buy a rail-rider like the one pictured. The same fellow sells plastic wheels which you can use to make your own. There are also various plans floating around for converting a bicycle into a velocipede. Search for “railbike”.

  9. Magdiel Brazil says:

    Hi. How can i get wheels for rail cart like that?

    1. Railriders says:


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