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The bike rack is a nice touch.

My buddies modified Suzuki Hyabusa dirt drag bike with twin rear wheels and mud tires.

Anybody got the backstory on this one?

[Thanks Sandy!]

10 thoughts on “Vacation travel trick

  1. wrx22b says:

    i don’t think that’s a Hyabusa i think by the sound its a Subaru ej 20 or 25but that’s just what i think

  2. tel aviv vacation apartment says:

    haha nice video … im sure many people are spending their vacation right now .. how i wish that i may too.. :(

  3. telavivapartments says:

    i got an idea .. our take all the things that we will do for this month in our vacation in Israel and i will post it on this site ..

  4. telavivvacationapartment says:

    nice video but its dangerous i think people who are really fond in car will like this its a nice post

  5. tel aviv apartment rentals says:

    what’s this video all about i can only say its a car i don’t have any idea i know its a video of a car exhibition

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