Wearable solar-square-synth

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Wearable solar-square-synth

Solar Wrist Synth

Solar + synthesizer = two great tastes in one! –

A wearable, portable square-wave synthesizer designed to be worn around the wrist so that he or she can be musically expressive whenever the moment strikes them.

Rows of buttons run along the underside of the wearer’s wrist for triggering of musical tones and a light sensor is available for shifting the pitch of the tones being played. This design allows for a form of musical expression that integrates itself very intimately with the human body. Tapping with the fingers plays tones and movement of the wrist and arm shifts these tones in pitch up and down.

Operating wrist-based electronics tells onlookers “Yes, I’m from the future.” – and when those electronics generate and control sound via light, no one will doubt it – Square Band

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