Bionic Nerf Artillery Replaces Prosthetic Hand

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Bionic Nerf Artillery Replaces Prosthetic Hand

Who says that fancy technology and prosthetic arms always have to be practical? Valentin from the creative agency Hacker Loop shows us that sometimes a prosthesis can just be plain awesome!

After joking a bit that it was too easy to beat their friend Nicholas Huchet at Nerf battles due to the fact that he only has one hand, they decided it would be a fun project to actually turn the tables a bit and build Nicholas a bionic nerf blaster that would make anyone envious.

Using electromyography, just like his existing hand, they hacked together a Nerf blaster that would shoot every time Nicholas flexed a muscle in his forearm. Not only that, they made it look incredibly cool!

They had prototyped similar things in the past, so this build wasn’t very difficult for them. As it turns out, simply finding that cool Nerf Swarmfire was the more difficult part, according to Valentin Squirelo of Hacker Loop.

There are not many automatic nerf guns, and the Swarmfire was the only one that was a perfect fit as an arm prosthetic due to the round design.
Sadly it has not been sold for a few years, so I had a hard time to get two through our local Craigslist in France.
If you want to learn more, and you do, visit the full writeup on Medium.
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