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This is really interesting, a new site coming in 2010 that helps folks collect data… For the web geeks, perhaps it’s like a NING or Mechanical Turk for science?… is a revolutionary new Web technology that allows citizen scientists, teachers, and students of all ages to collaborate with professional scientists on science projects of all kinds. Now people can create their own research projects and share data all over the world.  Through one interface. In real time. For the benefit of all. is a multipurpose forum and database granting instant access to a whole community of people who want to get their hands on science, to participate in research or to exchange scientific insights, share discoveries, and invent new and exciting ways to solve the world’s problems.

Galaxy Zoo has worked out pretty well, perhaps this will encourage thousands of other projects like it. The decade of science could really have some great examples of regular folks contributing to large discoveries, a mix between SETI-type projects and perhaps more specific problems being “crowd-sourced” as they say..

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