‘Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders’–get out under the stars

‘Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders’–get out under the stars


Make’s (and Craft’s, and Hackszine’s) very own webmaster, Terrie Miller, has an awesome writeup about our new book, ‘Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders’ over at Citizen Science Projects:

It reminds me in many ways of the beloved Burnham’s Celestial Handbook, but this is a fresh, modern guide to the most interesting observable objects outside of our solar system. The authors consolidated several sky object lists into a grand collection of almost 400 objects, each one including a detailed description, finding directions, a finder chart, and a photograph.

The charts are clear and indicate both a finder and eyepiece fields, while the text directs you specifically on how to move from brighter nearby objects to the target object. The photos are a great feature and liven up the book considerably.

If you’re interested in observing multiple stars and astounding deep-sky objects (nebulae, galaxies, and clusters), this book shows you how to do it–everything from choosing your equipment to actually finding the objects when you are out there in the field – Link (order now at the Maker store).

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