LHC tweets its first circulating beam of 2009

LHC tweets its first circulating beam of 2009

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LHC tweets its first circulating beam of 2009, good luck finding the Higgs gang. Photos here

16 thoughts on “LHC tweets its first circulating beam of 2009

  1. Raquel says:

    You used to wrong its.

    1. Raquel says:

      And I used the wrong “the.” We’re even, Makezine!

  2. luis sancho says:

    A Damocles sword has been hung on the future of mankind. CERN misinforms mankind. The Large Hadron Collider is a quark factory that will deconfine millions of quarks, the strongest, most attractive particles of the Universe. They carry the Atom’s mass, caged inside their nuclei. 99% of LHC’s production will consist on superfluid Quark condensates, a new state of matter, defined by Einstein, in which Quarks fusion together, creating hyper-dense, attractive tornado-like vortices with properties similar to black holes. Astro-physicists fear that if enough quarks are pegged together in one of those condensates, they can trigger a mass-reaction that would attract all the other quarks of the Earth, transforming our planet into a dense pulsar or black hole. The European Nuclear Company that will manufacture them, called CERN, affirms they won’t pose any danger, because according to a theory proposed by Mr. Hawking, small Black holes will evaporate in a burst of energy, before they can attract the mass of this planet. Yet Mr. Hawking’s theory has never been proved and it contradicts Einstein’s Relativity. So to prove Mr. Hawking’s right, 2 experiments were devised last year: a satellite called Fermi was launched to detect radiating black holes in the cosmos, but it failed to find any. A second test was done, manufacturing superfluid condensates, similar to those CERN will make with quarks; but formed with lighter, inoffensive ‘electro-weak’ Atoms. Those ‘atomic holes’ rotate 1 million times slower, absorbing sound ‘phonons’ instead of light ‘photons’ – reason why they are called dumb holes, instead of black holes. So, this June in an experiment at Haifa, Atomic Condensates rotating at supersonic speed became Dumb holes and absorbed sounds. Problem is they didn’t evaporate, proving that Quark Condensates, made at CERN, will absorb light & matter without evaporation. Because in Nature all what is possible happens (Totalitarian principle), Quark Holes should happen at LHC, making prohibitive for Public Policy the risks for Earth of a quark factory in this planet. CERN affirms LHC carries no risk, but critics contest neither Haifa or Fermi showed evaporation and the Company’s safety report doesn’t study Quark Condensates, which were little known when the factory was designed.
    We are talking f a serious issue of national security, industrial corruption and the first potential genocide of the human race, for the sake of an obsolete industry relic of the cold war. As science stands today, there is a big chance this can happen, making it the biggest potential genocide of history. That this is allowed by mankind is a ‘monstrosity’ that can only be explained in the present age in which human values are irrelevant to what Eric Fromm called technological values:
    ‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

    Eric Fromm, father of political psychology

    The LHC is an industrial con-cern with little use for the advancement of science. Today those of us who are at the edge of research in science consider this machine obsolete. We are studying, after Hubble proved the fractal structure of the Universe and Nottale explained it unifying quantum and relativity (in what concerns the fractal structure of spacetime) the fractal paradigm in a Universe of infinite hierarchical scales in which big-bangs don’t happen. Which means the background radiation can only be created in real time by micro-black holes as those CERN will create, which according to Einstein will produce by gravitational lensing this exact 2.7k radiation, when their mass is that of a moon. This means the Universe is full of dark matter black holes, which have eaten the commonest planetoid on the galaxy, a moon. And so the collisions at CERN will have a big chance to do so with the Earth. Cern affirms this is impossible, but it does so because it sticks to the probabilistic/quantum paradigm previous to the topological/Non-Euclidean/Fractal Einsteinian paradigm, in which black holes are fractals of quarks, the substance CERN will deconfine. Thus, black holes will be frozen stars as Einstein called them. In those models the Universe is a deterministic topology and reality is created with energy and mass, which is physical information, ‘form’ – hence there is not quantum entropy and information paradoxes, black holes do NOT evaporate but as Einstein explains, transform energy into quarks, mass/information that balances the Universe. In those models the probability of extinction is huge… CERN should be halted for a decade till the theoretical issues prove it is safe or prove the fractal paradigm and put the risk close to 100%
    What cern has done is to follow the usual systems of industrial corruption that allow all industrial crimes to happen a priori, and then we realize that ‘experts’ are often corrupted, that ‘latin jargons’ are the High priests’ secret talk to hide that corruption, that ‘AAA-derivatives’ turn out to be toxic financial scams and black holes turn out to eat planets and stars, but in this issue there won’t be turn back. The easiest job is to ‘believe’ on the Company and voice out its ‘ad hominem’ campaigns against those of us who denounced the crime, voice out its false statements (cern portrays the quark factory as a cosmic ray factory, when we never found quarks in cosmic rays), its marketing campaigns (the god’ s particle, the big-bang hype), and print its paid-by articles. It is easy for clueless politicians to take the money of high-tech corporations and the Nuclear Industry behind this con-cern. So now that all is set mankind will live with a Damocles sword for years to come. If you want to see a real documentary on the facts of this concern, visit http://www.lhcdefence.org. Many lives are at risk, real lives of real people, as never before. Today mankind has no defense because the judiciary, politicians and the press who should check and denounce the excesses of companies and governments are not doing their job of warning the population and so private individuals have to step forward, obviously with far less efficiency as our suits against this company which judges have refused to accept, have shown. More shameful is the massive censorship of mass-media in this issue, accepting the infantile lies of CERN and its marketing campaigns without any critical thought, even laughing at the fact that technology has crossed now in the age of the ‘singularity’, of machines whose energy is so awesome that can extinguish our species. Fromm indeed understood the future better than all those ‘boys with big toys’ working at the factory of black holes. ‘Alea Jacta Est’ said the Nuclear industry and the chorus of journalists responded ‘Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant’ . 50 years of fiction tvs seem to have degraded the collective subconscious of mankind to allow this dark day in which a factory of dark, quark, strong matter was inaugurated with cheers of those it menaces to feed on & wipe out from the face of the earth.

    1. Jack of Most Trades says:

      And the world is going to end in 2012, just like in the movie and Jenny McCarthy knows more about medicine than Scientists.


    2. karnuvap says:


      It might not.

  3. Andy Brice says:

    Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

  4. Gaaah says:


    There’s so much “fail” in that rant of luis sanchos.

    Mr. you should go and read upon some real science…

  5. jammit says:

    I’m from the future. It works fine.

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