New X PRIZE – A race to a better human genetic map

New X PRIZE – A race to a better human genetic map

Ok Makers, map the human genome faster than anyone else and pick up a cool $10 million – “Two years ago, engineer Burt Rutan won the $10 million Ansari X Prize when his SpaceShipOne flew 62 miles into space. The second X Prize winner won’t travel nearly as far — but must traverse an unzippered human genome, crunching its 3 billion bits of DNA data in record time.” Thanks Hans! – Link.

Pictured here, Kimberly Chapman knitted DNA models

X PRIZE Foundation – Link.

DNA inspiration:

  • Knit DNA Model – Link.
  • DNA Hacking – Link.
  • HOW TO – Extract DNA from anything living – Link.
  • Art from your DNA… – Link.
  • Coffee shop offers DNA testing – Link.
  • DIY DNA Explorer Kit – Link.

Kitchen Counter DNA Lab. Extract, purify, and experiment with the blueprint of life. MAKE 07 – Page 59.


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