Public Lab Community Spotlights: 4 Projects

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Public Lab Community Spotlights: 4 Projects

Public Lab’s contributions come from all over the globe. Here are a few of the members that are providing tools for all to use.

ROCKETS.XIA, co-founder of Mushroom Cloud Makerspace
Location: Shanghai, China

Our project, Knowflow, is a water quality monitoring project funded by the Green Seed foundation and Mushroom Cloud Maker Space, with contributions from Shan He (another Public Lab member based in China). The Knowflow is still in development, but I think we will be able to use it to make water quality monitoring work easier.



Location: Newfoundland, Canada

I direct the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research, a feminist, anti-colonial laboratory that specializes in grassroots environmental monitoring of marine plastic pollution. I helped design BabyLegs, a low cost, open source, accessible marine trawl, for sampling waste (especially microplastics) in subarctic regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.



Location: Washington, DC

My work involves adapting Public Lab’s open hardware microscopes to image in infrared by swapping both the light and camera sensors. Applications include looking at insect circulatory systems and enhancing contrast of cell features.

Location: Brazil

I work with Rede InfoAmazonia, a group that has developed Mãe d’Água, an inexpensive monitoring system to analyze the quality of water for human consumption. We are establishing a monitoring network
in partnership with communities in the Brazilian Amazon.


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