Soft-setting adhesive putty

Soft-setting adhesive putty

Sugru is a lot like epoxy putty, except that it sets on exposure to air (so you don’t have to knead two different components together) and that it dries to a soft, pliable, bouncy silicone elastomer. It sticks to most surfaces and bonds especially well to metals. [via Hack a Day]

4 thoughts on “Soft-setting adhesive putty

  1. Rick says:

    Must be popular they are sold out.

    Is this similar to things like silicone bath caulk or the polycel flexible bath filler you can get?

  2. John Park says:

    Yes, I’d be interested to know what other products people have used to do this sort of repair and modification. I’ve got some Sugru headed my way to review for the magazine, and I’d love to compare it to other things (Friendly Plastic, J.B. Weld, Sculpey, silicone caulk, etc.)

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