Bend sensor + heliotropic plant + Arduino

Bend sensor + heliotropic plant + Arduino

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mleak writes –

“This was a project I did for my electronics art class. A bend sensor along one of the stems of a highly heliotropic plant is attached to a servo motor. When the plant passes a certain threshold as it leans toward the light, the servo turns it 180°, requiring it to begin its stretch over again, always leaning, always straightening.

Here’s my arduino and breadboard. The two lines leading out the bottom are the bend sensor. I can put up the arduino code if anyone is interested, but it’s pretty simple. “Link.


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From the pages of MAKE:

8 thoughts on “Bend sensor + heliotropic plant + Arduino

  1. Cathaholic says:

    This is neat. On a slightly different note, has anyone ever seen those “ka-on” things made by lets corp? They are used to turn your flowers into speakers. That would be a neat project.

  2. Brooke says:

    Hi, I am very interested in your project. Would you mind posting the arduino code you used and a wiring diagram? I would love to see if I can get this to work!

  3. kentwilson says:

    Hey Mleak

    I’d be super keen to see your code too if that’s cool. I’ve been making sculptures that create the illusion of this effect but would love to ACTUALLY do it for real. You can check my stuff at

    Thanks heaps, in advance.


  4. kentwilson says:

    it’s all good – i found your code over on your Flickr page.
    Thanks for posting!

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