Breadboarding the ATTiny2313

Breadboarding the ATTiny2313

John “johngineer” De Cristofaro wrote a great tutorial on building an ATTiny2313 prototyping board.

I created it because I use the Tiny2313 a lot, and I was tired of wiring up all of the above each time I wanted to work on a new circuit. Some things, like ISP headers and ceramic resonators, are not especially breadboard friendly. Further, I found that with larger projects breadboard space started to get a little cramped, and I wanted to maximize the prototyping area. By putting it all on a custom PCB, I save a lot of breadboard space and things are more straightforward. It also gives me a complete support platform that I can embed straight into a project.

[via Adafruit]

And hey! Johngineer now has PCBs available for purchase!

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