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Change the message on HP printers



A lesser-known feature of the HP Printer Job Language (HPPJL) command set is that you can change the ready message” from “READY” to whatever you like. Yaakov wrote a Perl script that will change the message for you, and he also came up with the clever “INSERT COIN” replacement. Very nice.

You can think up your own funny, confusing or scary messages. My personal favorite is “INSERT COIN” which fits perfectly on the small LCDs. You can even sit in sight of the printer and change the message while watching the reaction of your victim. Don’t be surprised, though, if a large fraction don’t even notice. I was quite surprised myself but, it appears, some people don’t look at what is in front of them.

I haven’t been able to test yet (no HP printer here), but if I’m reading the code right, you can actually do this right from the command line using telnet. Just telnet to port 9100 and type in the following:

e%-12345X@PJL JOB

INSERT COIN: changing the “Ready Message” on HP printers – [via] Link
HP LaserJet Commands (PDF) – Link

16 thoughts on “Change the message on HP printers

  1. s says:

    You might want to look at the Haiku Weekly Super Pack image. It can grow up to about 10 gb of free space and it also comes with a ton of extra software that isn’t included with the nightly builds:

  2. bbjimmy says:

    larger image file.

    as the makebootable command doesn’t work at this time with Qemu image files one needs a larger file that is bootable.

    Download and expand, BeOS R5 Personal Edition for Linux

    run Qemu with both the haiku.image and files as hard disks…
    qwmu -hda haiku.image -hdb

    Right click the desktop and mount “Personal Edition”

    open a Tracker window in Haiku and select all folders… from the file menu select copy.

    Open the Personal Edition with a Tracker window and from the file menu select paste. select overwrite all.

    reboot qemu…

    Haiku is now booted on a 500mb partition.

    This can be much easier if one has a working BeOS or Zeta install, but it works.

    now type in a Terminal:

    “wget“ to get a text based links browser. ( copy the expanded file to /boot/home/config/bin and then type links in a Temninal to launch the browser.)

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