Android 2.2 running on T-Mobile G1

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If you’ve got a T-Mobile G1 or myTouch (HTC Dream, Magic, or Google ADP1) and are comfortable flashing an alternative ROM, then you’ll be happy to know that the latest CyanogenMod (CM6 RC1) delivers some tasty Froyo. There are some reports of minor hiccups here and there, but the newer features and minor speed boost should make up for most glitches. As always, it’s your call and your mileage may vary. [via androidandme]

6 thoughts on “Android 2.2 running on T-Mobile G1

  1. Nate says:

    You should probably note that CM6 isn’t ready for public consumption.

    This is just Release Candidate 1, and should only be used by folks who aren’t afraid to see things break.

  2. Unique Yet Confuse says:

    I have T mobile G1. And i have android 1.6 on it. I want to upgrade it to Android 2.2. How can i upgrade it to 2.2. Can it be possible to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.2? Please help. How can i? 

  3. andualem says:

    I have t mobile g1 I flashed it and go to recovery mode it have an android logo background when I click home to confirm it wouldn`t do anything what to do and what did I do wrong

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