Emulate an Apple 1 Computer with this Pocket-Sized Device

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Emulate an Apple 1 Computer with this Pocket-Sized Device

Emulating old computer systems is always an educational and fulfilling exercise for crafty hackers. The thing is, it has been done so many times that people have begun to seek out ways to make their system unique. Some try giving their system an especially interesting enclosure, while other have their system run on new and exciting hardware, or, in the case of this Apple 1 emulator, they do something unexpected.

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The Espple project, by Hrvoje Cavrak, is an Apple 1 emulator running on the ESP 8266. That alone is pretty neat, because that means the system is small enough that it can be carried around in your pocket. However, Hrvoje went a step further and made this project really stand out. His system generates the proper RF signal to work with PAL televisions! So not only can you carry it in your pocket, you can theoretically leave it there and just tune your television to it. All control and functions are done via a telnet session.

Hrvoje really wants others to give it a try, saying:

There is no point in making something and not letting other people play
around with it.

You can find all the code and information for this project on its Github page.

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