Barebones Arduino on a breadboard

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Barebones Arduino on a breadboard


Here is a truly barebones Arduino setup. Just the Arduino chip and a few support parts. This has to be close to the simplest and lowest cost way to play with microcontrollers. The only special parts are the resonator and the Mega168 programmed with the Arduino boot loader. Everything else you should already have as an electronics hobbyist.

Ardunio Breadboard – [Via] Link


  • HOW TO – Arduino breadboard shield – $10 & 10 mins – Link
  • Arduino ProtoShield assembly + use – Link
  • HOW TO – Control your Mac from Arduino, the easy way – Link
  • Arduino variant – Bare-Bones Board – Link

8 thoughts on “Barebones Arduino on a breadboard

  1. manukanz says:

    The UK sourced PICAXE range is even simpler AND cheaper, as well as being dead easy to program,yet extremely versatile. Check =>

  2. Windell_Oskay says:

    Bad link? There’s nothing about this on evilmadscientist….

  3. japroach says:

    I’m really starting to hate the “arduino” name, almost as much as “basic stamp”.

    Just call it what it is, not what its running.

  4. garethb2 says:

    Link fixed. It was supposed to point to DIY:happy, not EMS Labs.

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