Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – Russian TV PC!

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Benheck’s PC Mod Pick of the Day – Russian TV PC!

I couldn’t find a lot of information about this mod but it’s pretty cool looking so I’m covering it anyway.

From what I could gather this was a joint effort by some people around Europe, and sold by eBay member “puike” of the UK. It’s an AMD based PC built inside of an old Russian TV, which itself is in very good condition for its age.

For mores pics and why I think it’s swell, check after the bump!

Here’s the TV with the computer guts sliding out. Having easy-to-remove internals is always a good feature on any project, because even if you think it’s done there’s always something you have to go in an tweak. ALWAYS. Don’t take the “gluengineering” route of modern portable electronics – design it to be taken apart first, put it together second.

Rear of the unit. Some venting holes have been added for the PSU, otherwise it’s all stock and in Russian. Man it’s weird to think TV’s used to be made of wood and fiberboard… Remember those giant Zenith console TV’s you used to play Atari on? Those were… some kind of days.

Front of the unit from an angle. As you’ve probably noticed from my other “Best PC Mod” picks, having an LCD screen included gets you bonus points. Again, like the microwave PC, there’s already an opening there and it just makes sense. I like how the wallpaper on these photos is black & white, nice touch.

Detail of the switches. As with some of the other retro mods I’ve covered, the standard switches and buttons of the PC have been modded into old-school toggle switches. Personally I am not a big fan of toggles, but if you want to make something look old it’s a great start.

So the moral of today’s story (once again) is that some of the best PC mods, in my opinion, can be made by simply retro-fitting an existing product. The Russian engineers already designed a case for you, why not use it?

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for yet another PC mod pick.

-Ben Heckendorn

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