Bluetooth keyboard hack for jailbroken iPhones

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Bluetooth keyboard hack for jailbroken iPhones

If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone and want to use a bluetooth keyboard with it you can now download BTstack Keyboard in the Cydia Store. [via theiphoneblog]


2 thoughts on “Bluetooth keyboard hack for jailbroken iPhones

  1. Julian Cook says:

    The keyboard hack here is GREAT! I travel a lot and this will hopefully alleviate me having to bring my laptop for notes.
    What I would love more than anything would be to interface a bluetooth joystick with my iphone, output to tv, fire up MAME4iphone and spend my days cranking through all the ROMs I have.

  2. ivywellsor6 says:

    Just bought a superb bluetooth keyboard – It was less than a minute after set-up and I was typing. I would recommend it.

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