Harry Porter’s Relay Computer…(photos)

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1-1Check out this amazing relay computer “Features of the Arithmetic Logic Unit: Two 8-bit inputs (from B and C registers) 8-bit result (onto data bus) 3-bit function code input Functions: Add, Increment, And, Or, Xor, Not, Shift-left, Nop Carry output (from Add, Increment) Zero-detect output Features of the Register Unit: 8 Registers (8-bits each) Register Names: A, B, C, D, M1, M2, X, and Y Data Bus (8 LEDs and 8 Switches) Features of the Program Control Unit: Program Counter (16 bits) Instruction Register (8 bits) Jump Target Register (16 bits) Increment Unit (16 bits) Increment Register (16 bits) Address Bus (16 LEDs and 16 Switches)…” Link.


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