Introducing Hack a Day: the retro edition

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Introducing Hack a Day: the retro edition

Hack A Day Retro Edition

Love the news coming from Hack a Day

Hack a Day hasn’t change its format since 2004. Even though MAKE has gone Web 2.0 with buttons using mouseover, and Instructables has fancy drop-down menus, Hack a Day has been a constant black background, green text child of the web circa 2004. A while ago, we decided it was time for an update to our layout. Today we’re pleased to announce an open beta test for our upcoming update – Hack a Day: the retro edition.

The retro site looks great. I’ve been wandering around the MAKE Labs looking for some old hardware to pull the site up on. I think the oldest machine we have might be an old G4 PowerBook. Our neighbors at O’Reilly IT might have something gathering dust though…

Introducing Hack a Day: the retro edition – Hack a Day

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