iPhone grip tape backing

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iPhone grip tape backing

Over the holidays I dropped my phone into the snow. Again. After cursing some, thinking some, and then cursing some more, I decided to make a backing for my phone that was less slippery than the glass or even the metal one I have. I went through a few materials (thin adhesive-backed silicone, adhesive sandpaper, and some others) when I arrived at the perfect solution that takes care of everything all at once: skateboard grip tape!

24 thoughts on “iPhone grip tape backing

  1. RocketGuy says:

    Mine get holes in them just from my keys, but that’s what I get for buying cheep pants.

    Love the elegant yet punk look, but I think it’d shred my pockets in a week.

  2. Ragga says:

    Feederz original vinyl record had sandpaper on it’s side. The idea that Frank Discussion (the lead singer/guitarist) had was that it would damage all the other records it came in contact with as well as it would provide hoodlums with a tool destroy store products.

    I advise looking up a bit about Frank Discussion. He’s pretty neat.

  3. Dustbuster7000 says:

    This is one of the reasons I didn’t get the new iPhone after having been so pleased with the 3G. Its made out of glass! A hand-held device made from a smooth, fragile material on both sides. How could that ever go wrong? That, coupled with the antenna issue, is proof that the engineers took a backseat to the industrial designers on the iPhone 4. Which is a pity but I guess not surprising given how much of Apple’s cachet as a brand is tied up in the look of their products.

  4. Dexterdex says:

    Seriously this ***** simply Stole this idea from SlickWraps..

    They have had theres out for months

    YouTube Video

    You should mention this in your article.. You just wrote about someone with NO ORIGINAL IDEA..

    1. unigamer says:

      dude… firstly it’s not Make’s job to trawl the internet for prior art and secondly how do you know the maker ever saw that product? If the phone kept slipping out my hand then some kind of grip tape would come to mind to me (and I imagine a lot of other people here!).

      Politely mentioning Slickwraps was all you needed to do :)

      1. Dexterdex says:

        Have you read the makers product page? I’m guessing not..

        The maker says its not an imitation like other an other product. Translates to I copied another company’s product which came out 3 months ago and was featured in the worlds top blogs just 2 weeks ago “Google Skateboard iPhone 4”. The maker also takes words directly from SlickWraps product description. It doesn’t take a third grade education to see this “maker” copied the idea after seeing SlickWraps in Macrumors or etc.

        The maker is NOT Original and should really stop copying others ideas.. What a Loser!

      2. Dexterdex says:

        The make like any good reporting blog should do some basic google searching..

  5. John Baichtal says:

    Let’s keep it civil, PLZ.

    1. Dexterdex says:

      Okay, sorry John.. I just hate seeing people get credit and money from stealing others original ideas.

  6. Gilberti says:

    If I may, I’d like to discuss the idea of copying other designs within the maker community.

    First off, we have absolutely no proof to say that this person intentionally copied another design in making this iPhone 4 tape backing. Absolutely none. While the Slick Wraps product may have been featured on the most popular blogs on the Internet, not everyone visits those blog. I don’t at least, and I have never heard of Slick Wraps or their products while searching for a case for my own iPod Touch. So I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and say that he came up with this idea independently.

    Second, even if he did copy the design, I don’t see why that is such a problem, mainly because it is not an outright copy. I would call foul if this fellow created a straight, exact copy of the original, but he did not. He made improvements over the original design. His grip tape stickers are 75% cheaper and are available in two additional colors over the original design. Ultimately, isn’t that what making is about? If not creating a new concept, then taking an existing concept and making it better in some way?

    Besides which, if you look on the linked blog post, you will notice the maker has acknowledged that there is a similar product that was available previously.

    “Edit: Well, it looks like I didn’t do enough homework before I posted these for sale! A couple angry people have told me that there’s already a similar product out there. This is great! Competition is always good; the end user always ends up winning :)”

    I don’t think there was any theft here, and improving on an existing design is not theft (otherwise, everyone on this site would be in a lot of trouble). Only if Slick Wraps had protected their design with a patent or a trademark would this be theft. At worst, it is uninspired, but still worthy of mention in the MAKE blog.

    1. Dexterdex says:

      The problem I see is that the Maker “Thief with no original ideas” claims to have invented the idea then says on his product page not to pay more for this item elsewhere roving that indeed he KNEW that his idea was NOT original and was taken for someone else.

      The problem is that the maker is unethical and it goes to show you his real character as a person. He took a patented idea and stole it which not only shows his unoriginal self but also puts his self into legal trouble.

      SlickWraps does have a better product which has an Apple cutout and a bigger cutout to allow the flash to work right. Also, they come with a wood wrap to simulate a real skateboard.. This is a creative, cool and ORIGINAL idea. So the MAKER “Thief” steals the idea and sells them cheaper? This guy is a loser!

      This blog should be ashamed of it’s self for posting an article on a person who clearly STOLE an idea to profit from the success of others.

      1. John Baichtal says:

        I think we’ve explored this as far as it will go. Best wishes to all.

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