No-budget multi-touch interface?

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This video of a DIY multi-touch interface in tantalizingly cool, but there’s little detail. So far. More is promised. But then, that was back in June.

DyeSight $2 Multi-Touch Pad – [via] Link

6 thoughts on “No-budget multi-touch interface?

  1. firimari says:

    While it is tantalizingly low budget, you do still need access to an external iSight camera for it to work.

    Something that’s no longer made, very popular, and wasn’t cheap when it was still made.

  2. Stokes says:

    If you can do it with a bag of dyed water, you should be able to do it ‘for real’ with a piece of frosted glass…

  3. samurai1200 says:

    He’s got a little more info in the comments…

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