Route-me – Open Source mapping library for iPhone

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Route-me is an Open Source (BSD license) mapping library for the iPhone. It’s written in native Objective C and can use the OpenStreetMap data layer, among others. If you’re an iPhone developer, this gives you an easy way to add high-quality mapping functionality, similar to that of the built in Google Maps client, to your own applications. There’s a discussion over on Slashdot of one such application, GPS Mission, which uses the route-me library to create a multiplayer location-based scavenger hunt.

This is pretty exciting—hopefully it will help enable a whole new class of location-aware apps. If you know of any other apps based on the route-me library, or if you have a good idea you’d like to share for a map based application, send us a line in the comments.

Route-me – Open Source iPhone-native Slippy Map
How To Make an App Using the Route-me Library

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