Simple iPhone jack hack

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Simple iPhone jack hack

The iPhone’s headphone jack in recessed so that most 3rd party headphones can’t plug into it. But the hardware beyond the recession is apparently standard. To get at it, you can carve away the plastic housing to make it fit. Here, John Sullivan has cut the jack on his Etymotic ER-6 phones.

Etymotic ER-6 iPhone Hack (with a Knife) – [via] Link

4 thoughts on “Simple iPhone jack hack

  1. samurai1200 says:

    crap, those headphones are like $80. instead of carving away, why not just make an adapter, that way it’d work for ALL your thick-plugged headphones?

  2. DavidPhillipOster says:

    I bought a Radio Shack 42-2570 Stereo Headphone Cable Y-Adapter for $7 and carved away the excess plastic with a utility knife. Very quick. Here is the web page: iPhone headphone adapter.

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