Dell Inspiron 1525 HackBook Pro



Richard from EspressoReport put together a thorough tutorial that will get you up and running with OS X Leopard on a Dell Inspiron. Arguably, it’s not the most sexy hardware, but at the $650 list price with dual core performance and the natively supported graphics chip (same as the MacBook’s), it’s not a shabby alternative to running OS X on Apple hardware.

Under the hood boasts a little bit older processor technology with a 533MHz FSB — Intel Pentium Dual Core. This is very similar to the new Celeron Dual Cores but don’t let it confuse you with the Pentium D — this CPU is actually rather nice. Although using the Pentium name, the Pentium Dual Core is based on the Core technology you’re already familar with on your Core Duo and Core2 Duo Macs. While the battery doesn’t last quite as long as a similar Core2 Duo (Centrino), this 1.87GHz packs a punch and unlike all you other dual core users, I don’t have to boot with cpus=1 — that’s right! This HackBook Pro is using both cores and it’s putting out some power with Mac OS X.

Of course, you’ll have to wrangle with the ethics of installing OS X on hardware that Apple doesn’t wish you to. Perhaps the thought of ridding an innocent laptop of Vista will provide you with some solace.

Dell Inspiron 1525 HackBook Pro Tutorial

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