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DIY: Magnetic field flux meter

DIY: Magnetic field flux meter

This is a simple magnetic flux meter that you can easily build in an afternoon. You could buy a commercial version, but that isn’t any fun. All the schematics and build information can be found on the 5volt website. If you decide to make one, don’t forget to check out the “How I designed the coil” page.

The reason why I designed it is very simple and lays on the fact that if there’s some uncertainty about effects on the humans of the high frequency electromagnetic fields generated by cellular phones, much less uncertainty is about the damage caused by low frequency magnetic field generated by the mains (220/110 Vac) surrounding us (LFMF).

Make your own Magnetic field flux meter

16 thoughts on “DIY: Magnetic field flux meter

  1. Casandro says:

    It’s important to note that the frequency response of that device probably isn’t to well. So it will probably work fine for 50 or 60 Hz, but don’t expect it to work at different frequencies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    interesting you comment about the damage done by the mains that surround us. There have been claims that people who reside near power lines have higher rates of cancer than those who don’t. Why else do trees with no sense of sight, smell, hearing or the 5 senses we humans possess, have the ability to know to grow around those wires rather than through them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    could it be that trees take a long time to grow.
    thus after 30yrs of growth. and nothing planted under them after logging.
    nah it must be the magic trees.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I work at TRIUMF in Canada. the worlds biggest cyclotron.

    the main magnet is strong enough to noticeably effect compasses of overheard planes. it’s even on the pilot maps as a warning of a magnetic anomaly.

    also a side note about the large magnetic field.
    lightening has always struck the south east corning of the site. never striking the lighting rods on site.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      Why the Southeast corner? That would make me a bit nervous about the strength of that magnetic field.

      What does TRIUMF have to say about the safety? They must have a lot of research on the subject.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bogus claims about the harm from high power lines, or house current and their magnetic fields causing health risks have been completely debunked scientifically. However these etheric claims persist mainly based on a few pieces of irresponsible fear-mongering journalism, and general ignorance induced paranoia.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the magnet isn’t pulsating it is constant.

    but yah it’s huge.
    I can’t find the fact sheet about the magnetic field but it basically said. only be concerned if you have a pacemaker or any other ferrous implants.

    * Total magnet weight: 4000 Tons
    * Magnet diameter: 18m (59ft)
    * Magnetic field: Up to 5600 gauss (the Earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5 gauss)
    * Current required by the magnets: 18,500 Amps
    * Electric Field Frequency: 23 million cycles per second (23 MHz)
    * Time required for acceleration: 326 microseconds (1/3000th of a second)
    * Particle speed at maximum energy: 224,000 km/sec – 3/4th the speed of light. At this speed you could travel from the earth to the moon in two seconds.
    * Particles accelerated per second: 1000 trillion. TRIUMF has one of the most intense proton beams in the world.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      4000 Tons! Wow. I assume no one there has a pacemaker?

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