The Egg-Bot is an art robot designed by Bruce Shapiro that’s fun to watch as it draws intricate designs on eggs or any other round objects 3cm–10cm in diameter, including ornaments, golf balls, and light bulbs. You design the patterns in the free app Inkscape, and the bot draws them using fine-point Sharpies, engraving tools, or other implements. The decorated eggs come out so beautiful that people have asked whether using an Egg-Bot is “cheating.” A healthier attitude is to think of the Egg-Bot as one more tool in the egg decorator’s arsenal.

This kit includes the fiberglass chassis, all stepper and servomotors and other parts, and the fully assembled and tested USB motor driver board; you provide computer, egg, and pen. A deluxe kit adds shiny brass hardware

12 thoughts on “Egg-Bot

  1. Tod says:

    Since the first day I say this device I have been envious. Even now I can imagine a technicolor Easter on the horizon. Wouldn’t the big JC be proud of the amazing ingenuity we have put behind one the of His big holidays.

    1. Brett Price says:

      WWJD…… Cry tears of joy at the sight of these eggs :)

  2. miriam russell-wadleigh says:

    So cool. JUst have to have one!

  3. Jhon says:

    Thats legendary

  4. Jhon says:


  5. Tanner Payne says:

    wow this is expensive i guess its worth it but i just dont have the money. Im going to save for it because this prduct is really cool, i like the lightbuld demonstration:)

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