Gameboy Micro Faceplate hacking…

Gameboy Micro Faceplate hacking…

Gb30 Josh writes “There is a jack accessible to the faceplate (under the faceplate, above the b button) that says V-5(5 volts, I assume) on the circuit board. Nintendo is also patenting ‘smart’ faceplates. Are any Make readers up to the task of building a Gameboy Micro faceplate with LEDs embedded in it? (Hopefully with a subtle effect – nothing distracting)” Link.

8 thoughts on “Gameboy Micro Faceplate hacking…

  1. johntokash says:

    Hi there – I have edited my blog post to correct an error noticed by a friend of mine. Although “Nintendo” appears in the text of the patent application, Nintendo did not submit it. As far as I can tell, Nintendo does not have a faceplate-related patent.

    Still, I think the jack’s only logical purpose is to provide power to faceplates that require it.

  2. Marked says:

    Good luck in trying to plug into that surface mount trimmer.

  3. christophershort says:

    I don’t think it’s actually a jack. I think Marked is right – it’s a surface mount trimmer, probably to control the voltage going to the screen.

  4. ic349 says:

    That adjusts the screen brightness. I cannot find the link, but if it is that same as the Advance SP, that is what it does. Chistopher Short’s post is correct.

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