HOW TO – Breadboard breakout for leadless chips

HOW TO – Breadboard breakout for leadless chips


Here’s an interesting strategy for accessing the tiny pin contacts on no-lead QFN chips using temperature resistant tape and a conductive pen. Starlino’s example intentionally bridges several pins but theoretically should work for accessing all of them individually (considerable patience required, of course)
Reverse Surface Mounting of small leadless SMD components [via Curious Inventor]

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  1. Max 'shoez' Kingsbury says:

    I’ve heard these boards are good for beginning solderers. They have boards where the pin pads are recessed so that the pins “pop” in place and can’t be askew. I think the QFN package boards are designed with extra long pads so that they can be easily “het” up using a large soldering iron. Once the solder is warm, its surface tension pulls the part into place.

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