How To – Keep tabs on freezer temps

How To – Keep tabs on freezer temps

Freezer Monitor

Losing sleep wondering if you’re freezer is secretly thawing valuable frozen foodstuffs? Worry of secretly spoiled steaks no more –

William Grill wanted to make sure his freezer didn’t cut out and ruin his frozen food. He was concerned that when he traveled, his food could defrost and re-freeze — thus compromising his frozen steaks — without his knowledge. So, he developed a gadget that measures freezer temperatures, keeps a history of variance and sends an alarm if freezer temperatures rise above a set range. The gadget is built around a small controller, an alarm and a temperature sensor. While temperature monitors are common, Grill’s device remembers temperature variance and displays the length of time the freezer rises above the set temp. The gadget is relatively small and costs less than a couple of steaks bought on sale and stored in the freezer.

Check the project’s comments for details on the applicable PIC program – Spying on your freezer

Ethernet Temp Monitor
Make an ethernet temperature monitor

Veggie Oil Temperature Sensor

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