How to Make a Levitating Death Star

How to Make a Levitating Death Star

In this project, Aidan Lamb made a Death Star out of a levitating globe desk toy. First, Aidan stripped off the plastic map from the globe, then cut out and inverted a disk for the superlaser, drilled some small holes in the globe and inserted an LED, for some cool lighting effects, and painted the globe. It looks great! [Thanks, Dan!]

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Levitating Death Star

  1. Fyou says:

    Painted the glove…

  2. alex says:

    take it one step further and integrate a 100mw laser pointer….death start the destroyer of eyes.

  3. backwards lamb says:

    this was in no way a project for or from Hack N Mod. i made it for myself and myself alone. they just stole the photos and re edited my work.

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